Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rose cake for my baby girl’s first birthday…

If you read my other post about my baby girl’s first birthday, you know that I chose an apple theme.  I had visions of an apple cake for her but never really found any apple cake designs that I liked.
Then I got on Pinterest and happened to see this rose cake tutorial.  It said it was easy, although I was skeptical “who’s” version of easy we were talking about!!  Easy for a professional, because I am certainly not a professional!!  But I have to say, it really was easy!!!
I baked a small cake in a Pyrex bowl and then used the rest of the batter for cupcakes for the other kids.  I frosted the whole cake first with a base coat and then started piping the roses.
It was a perfect little cake for her first birthday pics, and she LOVED it!!
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  1. The cake is beautiful as is your baby girl. Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh! The ruffly cake matches the ruffly apple on her onesie. I LOVE it!! I need more pics of this party (and this adorable baby!!!)


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