Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lennon Jane Quilt Pattern…

Just finished a new quilt that I had to share…it has special meaning for me because I made it for my Aunt.  She has been there for me at every crossroads of my life and she is now fighting cancer.  I felt so helpless when I found out.  I live far away from her and my cousins, so I couldn’t even give them a hug!!  So I got busy sewing.  I wanted something that she could pass on to her granddaughter, so it needed to be happy and girly!!
Here is my new design in honor of my Aunt—the Lennon Jane Quilt…
Today is my Aunt’s birthday—go out and celebrate Auntie!!  I love you so much, thanks for being there for me! 
This is my favorite picture of me, my Aunt, and my mom together.
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