Monday, December 10, 2012

Change, change, and more change…and nose surgery!

So things in our household got a little bit interesting, okay a whole lot interesting about half way through this year.  I think almost everything that could change DID change in the past four months.  My husband got a new job, our congregation at church changed (it is based on geographic location), and we are trying to sell our house—you know the one, that house that I put my heart and soul in decorating and that is all over my blog.  Sigh….I love that house.  It took us months to decide and we went back and forth a million times, but when it came down to it, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms just wasn’t working for our family of 6.
So we put it on the market and signed on to a new house.  And the stresses have just kept piling on (hence the LACK OF posting on my sweet blog).  I know that changes bring growth, but it also brings growing pains!!
On a fun note, remember when my hubby broke my nose??  I finally got it fixed, yet another fun event to add to the craziness around here.  Is it wrong that my husband and I only get alone time when one of us is having surgery??  We need to get our dating life back in order!!  Real dates would be much less expensive!!
But they probably wouldn’t be as memorable;)  At least we are still laughing.
Besides all that “regular” stuff, my husband has been traveling 50% off each month since August…….THAT has been a challenge.  I’ve learned that I have wonderful family and friends who will always be there to help me through, but I’ve also been reminded that my husband is truly my best friend, and I missed him terribly!!  My life stinks when he is gone!!
And the best new change is….drumroll….our house sold in 5 weeks (must have been all that great home décor that got them *wink wink*) and we bought a new house with a SEWING ROOM for me!!!  And plenty of room for the kids and Justin’s therapies in the summer.  And although I’ve been completely overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, I am looking forward to decorating this new house next year!!  For right now, I’m just going to enjoy the holidays with my family.  I will post some great updates about Justin over the break—he has been doing so well and is now going to school (more details to come later). 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
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