Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year’s Eve 2012 highlights…

This has been a crazy, wonderful year for our family—and full of unexpected blessings.  Here’s some of the great highlights…
  • Justin has his first friend birthday party and the Angry Birds’ theme and life-sized catapult turned out to be a big hit!! (read full story here)DSC_0574
  • I started this lovely Sew Sweet Cottage blogging adventure in the end of February of this year and have had more than 113,000 pageviews---unbelievable!!  The best part about blogging is the fabulous friends I’ve made and connections with other Autism moms—what a great support network!!  As part of that networking, I was invited to be on a radio show for Autism and Scouting’s blogtalk radio and share my story about introducing Justin into Cub Scouts.  An amazing experience for me personally, and extremely humbling.  Autism and Scouting is doing a great job educating and promoting success with children with Autism in scouting.  You can listen to the taped broadcast here
  • I opened my Etsy shop and started my life long dream of selling quilt patterns!!  You can click here to see my Etsy shop, and here to see my PB Inspired quilt for Little Miss.  And started carrying my Eliza Jane Quilt Pattern. You can see it here.
  • My Monogram Balloon Wreath had over 20,000 pageviews and became my top post of the year.  Check it out here.  I also had some readers request I make the wreath for them, and so it is now included at my Etsy shop!!
wreath 018
  • featured my PB inspired bookcase which you can see here.
  • My husband got a new job that required some extensive training abroad and I became a single mom for 11 weeks of this year—and survived!! Justin started attending school again and is doing great, Little Miss was baptized, my Little Guy started talking finally, and my Baby Girl turned one!!  And to top it all off, we moved into a new home—what a great year!!  Can’t wait to share more patterns next year, and success stories about Justin---and hopefully some decorating of our new home!! 
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