Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Stockings…

Okay, if you are a bothered by someone who celebrates a lot of holidays (including St. Patrick's Day), please discontinue reading!!  I have read some interesting posts lately about how too many mom’s are going “over-the-top” with celebrating holidays.  St. Patrick’s Day was the focus of one of these posts.
I have oodles to say about the subject, but I will condense it to say just this:
If you choose to do nothing for any holiday, I still love you and think you are a fabulous mother—truly.  If you choose to celebrate every day like a holiday and hire a professional band and fireworks, I still love you and think you are a fabulous mother—truly.  If you do some kind of celebration in between those two, I still love you and think you are a fabulous mother—truly.  How do I know you are a fabulous mother??  Because I think every mother is, just for trying and getting up in the morning—truly.
So here are my St. Patrick’s Day stockings…
My mom found a really cute pattern for Halloween stockings and made me one last year.  We were talking on the phone about how awful this winter has been with sickness and depression and she had the stroke of genius to make a St. Patrick’s Day stocking out of the Halloween stocking.  I adapted the pattern and made my own Leprechaun, chunky shoe pattern and I love how whimsical they turned out!!
Because of all the ridiculous illnesses, a health emergency, and my husband being out of the country—again—we actually missed St. Patrick’s Day altogether!!  HA HA!!  My intentions were to just put a note in the stocking every year that tells my child why I feel so “lucky” to have them in our family.  They got a nice green sticky note on their doors instead!!  Perfect!!
But these beauties did make me smile, hanging from my fireplace!!
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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. and I love the stockings!!!!


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