Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sewing frenzy…

March flew by this year, only because it was full of craziness!!  We had a medical emergency with Justin, since resolved, but of course it happened while my husband was out of town—that just adds to the heightened stress level around here!!  I was so emotionally exhausted afterwards, and still enduring my annual winter blues, that my parents took pity on me and flew me out to visit for a long weekend!!  I am feeling SO much better now—and I stocked up on fabric while I was with my mom.  So now I am in a sewing frenzy!!
We are on a debt diet this year, and with all our saving money tactics we kept the Easter gifts to a bare minimum.  I made a tote bag (pattern coming soon!!), headband, and two boys’ neckties for the kids and ended up only spending $10 total for all four kids—SWEET!!
Here’s how they turned out…
Cheesy matchy-ness at its finest—I love it!!
The best part about Easter this year was meeting a family who also has a son with Autism.  About six months ago, I received an email from someone who had come across my blog.  She emailed me to ask some questions about Autism because her son was recently diagnosed.  We sent lots of emails back and forth to each other and found out she lived over 2000 miles away!!  We had never met, but quickly became friends through shared emails.  I got an email from her about 2 months ago saying they were moving and would be living an hour and a half away!!  What are the chances!!  We invited them over for Easter dinner and met this sweet, sweet family.  It was like having family to share Easter with—so great!!  I am so grateful for all the many friends we have made through sharing our joys and challenges with Autism.
Besides all my Easter sewing, I am now teaching sewing lessons as part of our debt diet plan—and I absolutely love it!!  I have 6 students now and was shocked to find out they don’t teach sewing in schools anymore—WHAT?!?  I’m determined to bring sewing back—one student at a time!!
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