Sunday, June 17, 2012

My husband takes a sewing needle for the team…literally!!!

My sweet husband and I met 20 years ago last month—yes, we were five.  Okay, we weren’t five, but 20 just makes me sound like I’ve logged a few more years than I care to admit—so let’s just leave it at that!!
I had a three criteria when dating someone (above the underlying *must love the  Lord and respect me* criteria), and I would mentally check off these items in my head when I was dating and wondering if I could consider someone to marry…
  1. How would this guy react while we are sitting on the bench at church with a few kids in tow and they start misbehaving??
  2. How much fun would he be to talk to on long road trips, would we laugh the whole time??
  3. Would he hold my hand and dote on me when I am sick, or in labor??
I really did fall in love with my husband the first time I met him(wish I could say the same for him-HA!)—I have all the lovesick teenager journal entries to prove it!!  He cares for me when I am sick, he makes me laugh all the time and is so easy going, and if you know us AT ALL—you would laugh at my #1, because he wrestles Justin at church every week!!  He is a great dad (and husband!)—
Happy Father’s Day!!!
One of the things I love about him is that he supports me in having a break whenever I need it.  He knows me well enough to know my limits.  One of my limits is cleaning up kid throw up—try as I might, I just can’t do it without throwing up myself!!  He always takes care of the kids, or me for that matter, when we are throwing up!!
At the end of last year we had a nasty bug going around and Justin got it and was throwing up everywhere!!  It was SO sad.  Little Miss had rehearsals for the Nutcracker and in an effort to protect her from getting sick—we banished her to her room with her sewing kit and told her to create whatever she wanted to and keep herself busy.
Justin was sick all night, and my hubby stayed up and took care of him as he always does and the next day he stopped by home during lunch and tried to help me sterilize the house and clean up all the mess.  In the rush to grab the laundry from Little Miss’ room, he felt a stabbing pain in his foot, between his big toe and second toe.  He yelled for me to come help him, and when I got in the room with Little Miss, we found him sitting on her bed holding his foot and biting his lip.  He held up his foot and said, “I think I may have stepped on a needle, can you see it??”  I looked and didn’t see anything and so we all got down on our hands and knees to search the carpet.  We couldn’t find it.  We went back and forth thinking it was just lost in the carpet and he must have stepped on it—until he took his fingers and gave a squeeze on his foot.  He looked at me with sheer panic on his face and said, “It is in my foot!!”  Yep, I’ve said it before, but you just can’t make this kind of stuff up!!
After he drove himself—yes, DROVE HIMSELF—to the doctor’s office, they did an x-ray and this is what they saw…
OUCH!!  Doesn’t that make your foot hurt just looking at it?? He ended up having to be put out and have surgery!!  I couldn’t go with him because of the barfing kids and nursing baby—so one of his good friends took him to surgery.  To make things worse, it had “traveled” by the time they got in there through the bottom of his foot so they had to cut him open on the top of his foot to get it out!  CRAZY!!  He ended up being on crutches and everything—it was insane. 
That’s true love, I tell ya!! The man took a sewing needle for the team!!  I love him so much--not just because of the needle thing;)
We have new rules about sewing needles and where they need to be kept at all times now…
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  1. Wow that's deep!! Ouch! Yes, it does make my foot hurt just looking at it. Poor guy :(

  2. Wow! What a story! It must really be TRUE love!!

  3. Oh my goodness, my foot did hurt when I saw that! Ouch! Stopping by from the Networking Blog Hop…I would love if you would come say hello :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. My first reply seems to have disappeared so I'll try again with email ID. We have a lot in common, not young, (36th anniversary just passed), son (26 y.o.) w/ autism, sewers, like cottage, love the Lord, loved hubs at first sight, let's find out what else!


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