Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monday with Marci…

I am so excited to share with you the talents of one of my best friends, and neighbor, Marci!!  She’s the one who is always pinning new sewing things from Pinterest for me to make.  And more importantly—she’s the one who told me I should start a blog!
Marci and I met at church when their family moved into the area.  We had their cute family over for dinner and we ended up talking for a few hours and had SO much fun with them!  That’s when we found out we both like decorating.  We had an empty lot across the street—and when they told me they bought it I smiled and acted all mature and told them how great it was.  And then when they weren’t looking, I started jumping up and down with joy and was trying to keep back tears because I couldn’t believe I was going to have them living RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!!
We were both pregnant last year at the same time and had WAY too much nesting fun, bouncing ideas off each other and decorating our houses.  Once we found out I was having a girl, and she was having a boy—the plotting of the arranged marriage of our kids began!!
Marci is one of the kindest people you’ll meet.  She doesn’t ever say anything bad about anybody.  AND, she keeps her cool when anything is falling apart.  I love this because she is a great example to me.  When times are rough for me, she lets me vent, and cry, and be crazy and she stays calm the whole time.  Love ya Marci!
Alright, so besides all that great stuff—she is an AMAZING decorator.  She agreed to let me show off her nursery for Mr. Z (my future son in law!)
She painted the walls a beautiful light blue and made a beautiful focal point wall of board and batten (she is the master at this!).  She added two ledges so that she would have two shelves to decorate with accent pieces.
Here is her beautiful board and batten…
I could go on for hours about how much I love board and batten.  I love how it gives a room just enough depth and texture to add interest and a level of finish to the room—without taking away from other features of the room.  It’s the perfect, visually rich backdrop!
She had extra wood from her focal wall, and so she added a little board and batten underneath her window.  It ties in that side of the room and makes the window treatments stand out against the white.  Her bold choice of pattern on the green and white curtains look great against the blue, don’t they??
Here are some more pictures of this incredible nursery…

She has such a gift for making incorporating modern prints into her design and making them blend well together!  She also can take blank frames and make them look purposeful—where mine always look like an accident;)  She added elements like the polka dot papered Z, and the green wooden tree to the frames for accents.  I thought it was so clever to take the same fabric she used for her crib skirt and frame it for the walls.  She framed the owl printed fabric bag that her crib sheet came in too—brilliant!!
Here’s the rest of the wall collage…
She is my go-to friend for collage inspiration!  I am going to try to make Mondays with Marci a repeat event and feature some of her other great rooms and collages!
But as cute as this room is, her sweet Mr. Z is sooooo much cuter. 
Thanks Marci for letting me show off your room!
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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous room. How fun to have such a good friend right across the street! Can't wait to see more of her talents. :)

  2. What a dreamy nursery! I love the tree in the frame. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Marci is my Cousin in Law so for a long time I have admired her decorating abilities. In fact, I wish she could show up at my house and help me out. I have actually thought of sending her some pics of rooms that I need help with and asking her advice! I love your blog!!!


  5. Baby Z is a lucky boy! And you are such a lucky lady to have such a wonderful friend! Talented, funny and understanding - the best kind there is !

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    This nursery is super cute!

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  7. What a sweet nursery!! Love your blog - new follower!


  8. I just love what you did with these frames! I just found you through The Grant Life and I am your newest follower.

    Michala :)

  9. what a lovely colour combination. i love it.

  10. Ah...this is all so lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love this room. The colors and the layout are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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