Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Robin’s egg Easter wreath…

I know, I know—I already have a wreath for spring!!  But my Spring balloon wreath is “cute” and I wanted something “earthy” too.  Bonnie and Trish from Uncommon Designs Online made up a beautiful robin’s egg wreath that you can see here—it is stunning!
I bought my supplies from JoAnn's, and the teal eggs they had match my décor so much that I ended up leaving them teal.  I also decided just to put them on the bottom half of the wreath like it is a nest;)  And I used the burlap ribbon I found last week—still in love with that stuff!!  The only other thing I had to buy was the moss to go around the eggs.
Here’s how mine turned out…
The whole project probably took about an hour to do.  I hot glued the moss down first, leaving some holes to glue the eggs in afterwards.  Then I glued the eggs in to place (this was the most time consuming part because I had to wait for the hot glue to dry and it didn’t stick incredibly well)  After the hot glue dried, I stuffed moss in between the eggs and it made it look like they were really nestled in there.
It turned out pretty sweet!!

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  1. it's beautiful!! i love it so much. And i'm lucky enough to see it everytime I look out my window. :)

  2. I was marveling at the balloon wreath and then I scrolled down to this. Both are amazing but this one speaks to me. I had to analyze it for about 10 minutes to see how yo did it. Everything works together so well. I love it, just pinned both!

  3. Thanks Kim, I'm glad you like them both!! I just need more doors so I can make a million wreats;)


  4. What a beautiful wreath!! I love the shape of it. Megan

  5. Love your wreathes! I want to make a small version for my kids to decorate their play area with. How many ballon would I need? If I wanted to do like a 6 or 8 inch wreath?


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